What We Do

What We Do

Trade Management

Trade Management

Delivering Choice. Saving Costs and Time.

Delivering Choice. Saving Costs and Time.

Kinetix delivers smart solutions to improve your trade management system and compliance functions. From front-to-middle office trade processing to the back-office to third-party connections, achieve an unforeseen level of control, efficiency and results for your business.

Features and Benefits

Build? Buy? The Best of Both Worlds

Strike the perfect balance between out-of-the-box solutions and tailored development. The Kinetix Build and Buy approach leverages your existing infrastructure and investments so you do not have to compromise.

Flexible Technology

Our component-based architecture provides faster time-to-market and reduced risk, unlike other full custom-build or wholesale systems. Using standard technologies such as Java and .net, Kinetix solutions integrate quickly and easily, with lower costs to implement and to maintain.

Compliance At Every Step

Regulation-ready rules engine automates compliance when new requirements arise and are integrated into the trade process from transaction decisions to built-in checks to post-trade reporting. Compliance rules are reviewed and validated by legal experts so you can be confident that they are effective.

Comprehensive Coverage and Workflow

Manage trades from front-office decisions and entry to confirmation and reporting. Access the same intuitive interface for multiple instruments, including OTC Derivatives, Futures, Bonds, Repo and FX.

Bespoke Development

Looking for the right solution to a unique challenge? Kinetix has a proven record of successful custom development projects from low-latency RFQ trading to predictive margining for sales. The result is a made-for-purpose solution, with firm delivery timeframes and surprisingly lower costs.

Expertise and Experience for Exceptional Outcomes

Trust the team that has managed similar situations as yourself and shares your passion to overcome the challenges. From the top executives on down, Kinetix provides expert consulting to fill any knowledge gaps about your system and recommend your best path forward.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Kinetix Implementation for Major Broker Dealer

Problem: A major broker dealer needed to minimize trade touches and reduce its time-to-market.

Solution: Kinetix created a metrics-based approach to identify ticketing, workflow and processing issues for this broker dealer. Kinetix implemented sales, trader, and middle office workstations for credit derivatives and interest rates derivatives.

Results: The broker dealer saw a 40% reduction in headcount related to manual processing. In addition to such a significant reduction, the client was able to eliminate several trade capture systems and related costs by $12 million and reduce its operational losses by 80% with improved processing and using a single version of a trade.

Kinetix Implementation for Top-tier Hedge Fund

Problem: A major hedge fund did not have a streamlined middle office processing. Multiple groups were looking at various Excel sheets and affirmation platforms to confirm trades.

Solution: Kinetix developed a unified trade affirmation/confirmation view across futures, bonds, and OTC derivatives for this hedge fund. Kinetix provided the client exception tracking GUI with middle office functionality, Rich MIS toolkit to evaluate volumes and operational productivity and full connectivity with MarkitWire, ICELink, Omgeo OASYS, and multiple futures prime brokers.

Results: The client was able to reduce its vendor license cost and eliminate its Excel-based exception monitoring, which had a full audit trail of all changes. The hedge fund was also able to reduce its in-house tech spend and processing costs by 41%.

Kinetix Provides Regulatory Reform for Broker Dealer

Problem: The Sales and Trading department for a broker dealer needed to improve efficiency when determining applicability of Dodd-Frank rules with counterparties.

Solution: Kinetix provided the broker dealer with its compliance engine enhanced to capture in-house counterparty attributes. This engine was integrated with the in-house trade capture and reporting systems to ensure real-time checks and also post-trade monitoring.

Results: The client was able to reduce the $2.5 million in IT and middle office costs that were dedicated to supporting the current infrastructure. It was also able to automate and increase reliability on its regulatory rules validation software.

Kinetix Creates Custom Software for Major Exchange

Problem: A major exchange was in need of expert advice and a faster time-to-market for its clearing solution.

Solution: Kinetix implemented an intuitive web-based trade loader along with trade enrichment, back-loading, and matching components at the exchange in its effort to support IRS clearing. The application components live as part of the industry portfolio margining initiative.

Results: By providing a team of industry experts and technology expertise, Kinetix increased time-to-market for delivery by 30%.