Our Digitization Framework provides efficient digitization of multiple document formats. Our advanced approach to document digitization uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to automatically extract and structure actionable content.


  • Robust Search & Document Cross-linking — Quickly find the right content and interconnect various document sets
  • Content Visualization & Footnotes Extraction — View documents in various formats and allow footnote extraction for granular view of context
  • Versioning & Blacklining — Manage and compare different versions to see only what changed


  • Enhance productivity — Digitize your documentation to offer greater interactivity and productivity for users
  • Accurate amendments — Optimize the document amendment process, ensuring legal changes to internal documents can be executed efficiently while retaining lineage back to previous versions
  • Fully customizable — Offer clients access to bespoke digital rulebooks through your own branded solutions and customer channels
  • Secure & easy integration — Easily integrate with your solution suite through Single sign-on
  • Stay up to date — Allow your stakeholders to easily stay up to date on the changes impacting their business and give non-legal policy functions a business friendly, short-hand way of understanding and researching regulatory rules

How it Works