Generate more sales and build a smarter, data-driven
sales organization with our all-in-one solution

Aggregate and monitor RFQs and transactions
Analyze execution data and market trends
Review sales team performance across dimensions
Trade Reporting
Configurable dashboards, blotters, charts, and data visualization widgets
Interoperable with most trade capture and reference data systems
Glue42 and OpenFin
interopability built-in

The Challenge

Fragmentation of data within large sell-side institutions is an all-too-common problem, and for many, it’s paved the way for disruption, loss of market share, profitability declines, and a loss of competitive advantage.

With disparate, unconnected systems storing market data, reference data, electronic and voice transaction data, and client data, banks have struggled to build a comprehensive 360-degree solution to unify a view of their customers, implement strategy effectively through KPI monitoring, and align the business with a common set of facts.

The way we solve it




Consolidate & Transform Big Data into Sales Excellence

Operationalize Data

Consolidate and normalize fragmented big data into world-class market intelligence, actionable insights, and a 360-degree view of customers and market activity

Optimize Revenue

Increase transparency, analyze KPIs and quotas, and drive critical PnL decisions with a golden source of truth, ensuring the business aligns behind a common purpose

Generate Sales

Track key execution KPIs, and leverage data and AI to navigate sales to opportunity and action, optimizing time and team performance, tapping hidden opportunity, and maximizing conversion.

Understand your Customer

Gain a holistic view of your customers across voice and electronic executions, and leverage smart insights to personalize experiences and understand buying triggers, patterns, and trends.

Powerful, real-time data and analytics dashboards to analyze performance, optimize teams, and improve ROI.

Explore all Sales360 modules

My360 for Sales Reps

Make faster decisions with a realtime, conslidated view of RFQs across venues, whether voice or electronic

  • Support for deal monitoring and transparency with hit/miss, trade and exception blotters against a salesperson’s clientbase
  • Facilitate a gold level of service for high value voice trades with holistic customer history and insights
  • One-stop shop for tracking and analyzing in-house axes, market trends and executions

Team360 for Sales Managers

Track sales team KPIs across regions, sectors and products to find the best and worst contributors and understand strengths and weaknesses

  • Get actionable insights into top clients and optimize customer service and focus across the board
  • Analyze historical performance of your sales team to provide appropriate feedback and devise the right strategy & targets for the future

Trend360 for Executives

Track the performance of your whole sales department and focus on the long term strategy.

  • Quickly analyze deals with respect to annual targets to see whether quotas are being met based on product, region, and client type
  • Measure ROI down to the client-level, identify key gain and loss leaders, optimize PnL, and improve business critical decision-making from the top


Deal Conversion

Through better pricing and customer transparency


Better Team Productvity

Via KPI tracking and visibility into what’s working best


Increase in ROI

With insights into quotas and production

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